Wooden Rainbow Wheel Toy

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  • rainbow wheel has a very interesting and attractive design; It has a spinning drum with different colors like blue red pink yellow; This toy gains the attention of the toddler and he or she engages in it; The rotating wheel of colours will captivate their attention and encourage them to try giving it a whirl
  • The wooden wheel is made up of very safe material and is toxic-free; the paint used on the wheel is also safe and the durability power is also high and lasts for long
  • This rainbow wheel helps the toddlers to grasp; fine motors sensory development language skills gross motor and many more; It helps in the development of various skills
  • The multicolour spinner is one of the options for gifting to an infant; Due to its multicolour feature; the toddler gets attracted to it very much thus it is best suited for gifting purposes
  •  This spinner wheel toy helps the toddler in understanding the concept of a different color rainbow; It is learning with a fun toy

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