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Spelling Maker - Vowels box

Spelling Maker - Vowels box

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ENHANCES LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT- spelling maker board helps the kids in developing the language helps them in making spelling which is essential in education; They tend to develop the language as a result it improves motor skills

STURDY AND STRONG- The wooden material which is used is very strong; It is also eco-friendly and very much safe for kids; It is non-toxic and the material which is used is also smooth; Hence it has a good durability power

WORD BUILDING BOARD- The wooden spelling game helps the kids in developing or making new words; Unlike school learning in which the spellings are taught by reading and writing it them but with this interesting board the kids tend to learn the spellings with loads of fun and enjoyment; They can grab more speed in learning

GIFTING OPTION- spelling maker board is one of the finest options for gifting to kids; These games actually grab the attention of the kids and make them busy as they are very much interested in learning new things

PROMOTES VARIOUS SKILLS- This board game helps in hand-eye coordination fine motor skills and problem-solving skills; Letters recognition visual senses and phonetic awareness

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