Human Anatomy Puzzle

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  • Skeletal System: Our body has a strong frame made of bones. Bones help us stand, protect our organs like the brain, store minerals, and let us move thanks to joints. Muscular System: We have over 600 muscles that help us do everything from smiling to running. Our heart, a special muscle, beats to keep us alive. Circulatory System: Our heart pumps blood through blood vessels. Blood carries oxygen and food to our cells and takes away waste. It's like a delivery system!
  • Respiratory System: Breathing in brings oxygen to our lungs. When we breathe out, we let out carbon dioxide. Our lungs work without us even thinking about it. Digestive System: When we eat, our stomach and intestines work like a food processor, taking nutrients from food and making poop from the leftovers. Nervous System: Our brain is like a supercomputer, sending messages through nerves to the body. It helps us think, feel, and move.
  • Endocrine System: This system has glands that send out hormones, which are like messengers telling our body how to grow and stay balanced. Urinary System: Our kidneys are like filters, cleaning our blood and making urine. They keep our body's water and salt balance and help control blood pressure. Reproductive System: This system is how humans make babies, with different parts in boys and girls. It also helps our bodies change as we grow up.
  • Lymphatic System: It's our body's defense system, with lymph nodes and white blood cells that fight germs and keep us healthy. Integumentary System: Our skin, hair, and nails protect us, help us feel things, keep us warm, and even make vitamin D from sunlight. Each of these systems plays a special role, working together to keep our body running like a well-oiled machine.
  • Skill Development:A human body anatomy model helps children develop anatomical knowledge, cognitive thinking, moto

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