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China Checkers

China Checkers

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  • The Chinese Checkers Game Set is easy and fun to use. Up to six players can play simultaneously, making this a great classic game for family gatherings and parties.

  • This wooden Chinese checker board game set comes in a box for easy transportation and storage, no matter if you're playing at home or if you're taking it on the go to play with family and friends The 60 pegs fit nicely into the 60 holes, arranged by colour, with the actual colour of the pegs on the board. And you get 1 Peg extra peg per colour incase you loose one! T

  • he solid natural wood construction of the Chinese checker board and the colourful wooden pegs /marbles are built to last generations. The pegs come in an assortment of bright colours like orange, red, blue, violet, light green

  • This is a game that people of almost all ages can enjoy, making it a unique and entertaining gift for friends and family for many occasions.

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