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  • Traditional classic hand crafted spinning top lattu/Pambaram with metal tip comes with threads.
  • HOW TO PLAY : Just wrap the string around the top starting at the bottom tip and fling the top holding the free end of the string to get the top spinning KEY BENEFIT: It is simple enough for toddlers to play with and they can use it as a pull-along with practice. Older kids and grown-ups can challenge themselves to spin the top upside down.
  • How it works: The top spins rapidly with the aid of a string rope coiled around its axis which when pulled quickly, sets it in motion, the colours, shapes and designs blend together as the top spins. You can spin it and do several tricks with it.
  • Hours of fun for Kids and helps to develop self discovery, hand eye coordination, logic building and learning.
  • Sharp point metal nail. Adult supervision may be required.

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